Music Reference ID Work Character RSC Line Number RSC Text Norton Oxford Line Number Norton Oxford Text F1 Character F1 Text First Edition Character First Edition Text Third Edition Text Through Line Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Arden Line Number Arden Text Oxford Line Number Oxford Text Cambridge Line Number Cambridge Text Comments
1931 Venus and Adonis 974 A ^nurse’s song^ ne’er pleased her babe so well. A nourses song nere pleasd her babe so well, 974 974 974
1932 Venus and Adonis 1077 Whose tongue is ^music^ now? Whose tongue is musick now? 1077 1077 1077
1933 Venus and Adonis 1095 To recreate himself when he hath ^sung^, | The tiger would be tame, and gently hear him. To recreate himself when he hath song, | The Tygre would be tame, and gently heare him. 1095 1095 1095
1934 Venus and Adonis 1101 When he was by, the birds such pleasure took | That some would ^sing^ When he was by the birds such pleasure tooke, | That some would sing 1101 1101 1101
1935 Venus and Adonis 1148 Teaching decrepit age to ^tread the measures^. Teaching decrepit age to tread the measures, 1148 1148 1148