Music Reference ID Work Character RSC Line Number RSC Text Norton Oxford Line Number Norton Oxford Text F1 Character F1 Text First Edition Character First Edition Text Third Edition Text Through Line Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Arden Line Number Arden Text Oxford Line Number Oxford Text Cambridge Line Number Cambridge Text Comments
1921 Venus and Adonis 531 The ^owl, night’s herald, shrieks^ ‘tis very late The owle (nights herald) shreeks, tis verie late, 530 …shrieks: 'tis… 531 …shrieks; 'tis… 531 …shrieks, 'tis…
1922 Venus and Adonis 700 Anon their ^loud alarums^ he doth hear, | And now his grief may be compared well | To one sore sick that ^hears the passing-bell^. Anon their loud alarums he doth heare, | And now his griefe may be compared well, | To one sore sicke, that heares the passing bell. 700 700 …passing bell 700 …passing bell
1923 Venus and Adonis 777 Bewitching like the wanton ^mermaid’s songs^, | Yet from mine ear the tempting ^tune^ is blown; | For know, my heart stands armed in mine ear, | And will not let a ^false sound^ enter there. | Lest the ^deceiving harmony^ should run | Into the quiet ^closure^ of my breast Bewitching like the wanton Marmaids songs, | Yet from mine eare the tempting tune is blowne, | For know my heart stands armed in mine eare, | And will not let a false sound enter there. | Lest the deceiuing harmonie should ronne, | Into the quiet closure of my brest, 777 777 777
1924 Venus and Adonis 835 She, marking them, begins a ^wailing note^, | And ^sings extemporally a woeful ditty^ She marking them, begins a wailing note, | And sings extemporally a wofull dittie, 835 835 835
1925 Venus and Adonis 839 Her ^heavy anthem^ still concludes in woe, | And ^still the choir of echoes answer^ so. Her heauie antheme still concludes in wo, | And still the quier of ecchoes answer so. 839 839 839
1926 Venus and Adonis 841 Her ^song^ was tedious, and outwore the night Her song was tedious, and out-wore the night, 841 841 841
1927 Venus and Adonis 849 Like ^shrill-tongued^ tapsters answering every call, | Soothing the humour of fantastic wits? Like shrill-tongu'd Tapsters answering euerie call, | Soothing the humor of fantastique wits, 849 849 849
1928 Venus and Adonis 853 Lo, here the ^gentle lark^, weary of rest, | From his moist cabinet mounts up on high | And ^wakes^ the morning Lo here the gentle larke wearie of rest, | From his moyst cabinet mounts vp on hie, | And wakes the morning, 853 853 853
1929 Venus and Adonis 868 She hearkens for his hounds, and for his ^horn^. | Anon she ^hears them chant it lustily^ She harkens for his hounds, and for his horne, | Anon she heares them chaunt it lustily, 868 868 868
1930 Venus and Adonis 889 This dismal cry ^rings^ sadly in her ear This dismall crie rings sadly in her eare 889 889 889