Music Reference ID Work Character RSC Line Number RSC Text Norton Oxford Line Number Norton Oxford Text F1 Character F1 Text First Edition Character First Edition Text Third Edition Text Through Line Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Arden Line Number Arden Text Oxford Line Number Oxford Text Cambridge Line Number Cambridge Text Comments
1 1 Henry IV Falstaff 1.2.12 ‘By Phoebus, he, that wand’ring knight so fair’ Fal. by Phoebus hee, that wand'ring Knight so faire. 129 1.2.14 1.2.14 1.2.11 [= ballad?]
2 1 Henry IV Falstaff 1.2.64 ‘Sblood, I am as melancholy as a gib | cat, or a lugged bear. Fal. I am as Melancholly as a |Gyb-Cat, or a lugg'd Beare. 184 1.2.70 1.2.69 1.2.58
3 1 Henry IV Prince Harry 1.2.66 Or an old lion, or a ^lover’s lute^. Prin. Or an old Lyon, or a Louers Lute. 1.2.72 1.2.71 1.2.60
4 1 Henry IV Falstaff 1.2.67 Yea, or the ^drone of a Lincolnshire bagpipe^. Fal. Yea, or the Drone of a Lincolnshire Bagpipe. 1.2.73 1.2.72 1.2.61
5 1 Henry IV Hotspur 1.3.54    And talk so like a waiting gentlewoman | Of guns, and ^drums^, and wounds Hot. And talke so like a Waiting-Gentlewoman, | Of Guns, & Drums, and Wounds: 377 1.3.55 1.3.55    1.3.54
6 1 Henry IV Falstaff 2.2.41    An I have not ^ballads^ made on | you all and ^sung to filthy tunes^ Fal. and I haue not | Ballads made on all, and sung to filthy tunes, 778 2.2.43 2.2.42 2.2.35
7 1 Henry IV Prince Harry 2.5.5        I have ^sounded^ the very ^bass-string^ of | humility. Prin. I haue sounded the verie base | string of humility. 970 2.4.5 2.4.5        2.4.5
8 1 Henry IV Falstaff 2.5.119    A bad world, I say. I would | I were a weaver—I could ^sing psalms^, or anything. Fal. I would I were a Weauer, I could sing all manner of | songs. A plague of all Cowards, I say still. 1093 I would I were a weauer. I could sing psalmes, or any thing. 2.4.126 2.4.126 2.4.111
9 1 Henry IV Prince Harry 2.5.445    Heigh, heigh, the devil rides upon a ^fiddlestick^! | What’s the matter? Falst. Heigh, heigh, the Deuill rides vpon a Fiddle-|sticke: what's the matter? 1447 2.4.474 2.4.469 2.4.405 [line given to Prince in Q]
10 1 Henry IV Glyndŵr 3.1.119    For I was trained up in the English court, | Where, being but young, I ^framed to the harp^ | Many an English ditty lovely well, | And gave the ^tongue a helpful ornament^— | A virtue that was never seen in you. Glend. For I was trayn'd vp in the English Court; | Where, being but young, I framed to the Harpe | Many an English Dittie, louely well, | And gaue the Tongue a helpefull Ornament; | A Vertue that was neuer seene in you. 1651 3.1.119    3.1.118    3.1.117