Music Reference ID Work Character RSC Line Number RSC Text Norton Oxford Line Number Norton Oxford Text F1 Character F1 Text First Edition Character First Edition Text Third Edition Text Through Line Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Arden Line Number Arden Text Oxford Line Number Oxford Text Cambridge Line Number Cambridge Text Comments
11 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.125    I had rather be a kitten and cry ‘mew’ | Than one of these same ^metre ballad-mongers^. Hotsp. I had rather be a Kitten, and cry mew, | Then one of these same Meeter Ballad-mongers: 1657 ...same miter ballet mongers 3.1.125    3.1.124    3.1.123
12 1 Henry IV Mortimer 3.1.203   for thy tongue | Makes Welsh as sweet as ditties highly penned, | ^Sung^ by a fair queen in a summer’s bower | With ^ravishing division, to her lute^. Mort. for thy tongue | Makes Welsh as sweet as Ditties highly penn'd, | Sung by a faire Queene in a Summers Bowre, | With rauishing Diuision to her Lute. 1746 3.1.203   3.1.202   3.1.201
13 1 Henry IV Glyndŵr 3.1.211    And she will ^sing the song^ that pleaseth you, | And on your eyelids crown the god of sleep, | ^Charming^ your blood with pleasing heaviness Glend. And she will sing the Song that pleaseth you, | And on your Eye-lids Crowne the God of Sleepe, | Charming your blood with pleasing heauinesse; 1756 3.1.211    3.1.210    3.1.209
14 1 Henry IV Mortimer 3.1.218    With all my heart, I’ll sit and ^hear her sing^. Mort. With all my heart Ile sit, and heare her sing: 1763 3.1.218    3.1.217    3.1.216
15 1 Henry IV Glyndŵr 3.1.220 Do so, and those ^musicians^ that shall ^play^ to you | Hang in the ^air^ a thousand leagues from hence, | And straight they shall be here. Sit and attend. Glend. Doe so: | And those Musitians that shall play to you, | Hang in the Ayre a thousand Leagues from thence; | And straight they shall be here: sit, and attend. 1765 ...Hang in the aire a thousand leagues from hence… 3.1.220 3.1.219 3.1.218
16 1 Henry IV SD 3.1.225 The ^music plays^ SD The Musicke playes. 1773 3.1.225 3.1.224 3.1.223
17 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.226    Now I perceive the devil understands Welsh; | And ‘tis no marvel, he is so humorous. | By’r Lady, he’s a ^good musician^. Hotsp. Now I perceiue the Deuill vnderstands Welsh, | And 'tis no maruell he is so humorous: | Byrlady hee's a good Musitian. 1774 ...Then should you be nothing but musicall,… 3.1.226    3.1.225 3.1.224
18 1 Henry IV Lady Percy 3.1.229 Then should you be nothing but ^musical^, | For you are altogether governed by humours. | Lie still, ye thief, and ^hear^ the lady ^sing^ in Welsh. Lady. Then would you be nothing but Musicall, | For you are altogether gouerned by humors: | Lye still ye Theefe, and heare the Lady sing in Welsh 3.1.229 3.1.228 3.1.227
19 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.240    Peace; she ^sings^. Hotsp. Peace, shee sings. 1789 3.1.240    3.1.239    3.1.238
20 1 Henry IV SD 3.1.240 Here the lady ^sings a Welsh song^ SD Heere the Lady sings a Welsh Song. 1790 3.1.240 (Here the lady ^sings a Welsh song^) 3.1.240 3.1.238