Music Reference ID Work Character RSC Line Number RSC Text Norton Oxford Line Number Norton Oxford Text F1 Character F1 Text First Edition Character First Edition Text Third Edition Text Through Line Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Arden Line Number Arden Text Oxford Line Number Oxford Text Cambridge Line Number Cambridge Text Comments
21 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.241    Come, Kate, I’ll have your ^song^ too. Hotsp. Come, Ile haue your Song too. 1791 Come Kate, ile haue your song too. 3.1.241 3.1.241 3.1.239
22 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.253    Come, ^sing^. Hotsp. Come, sing. 1803 3.1.253    3.1.252 3.1.250
23 1 Henry IV Lady Percy 3.1.254 I will not ^sing^. Lady. I will not sing. 3.1.254 3.1.253 3.1.251
24 1 Henry IV Hotspur 3.1.255 ’Tis the next way to turn ^tailor, or be redbreast | teacher^. Hotsp. Tis the next way to turne Taylor, or be Red-|brest teacher: 3.1.255 3.1.254 3.1.252
25 1 Henry IV King Henry 3.2.74 So when he had occasion to be seen, | He was but as the ^cuckoo^ is in June, | ^Heard^, not regarded King. So when he had occasion to be seene, | He was but as the Cuckow is in Iune, | Heard, not regarded: 1893 3.2.74 3.2.74 3.2.74
26 1 Henry IV Falstaff 3.3.11    Come, ^sing^ me a ^bawdy song^, make | me merry. Falst. Come, sing me a bawdy Song, | make me merry: 2016 3.3.12 3.3.12 3.3.10
27 1 Henry IV SD 3.3.78 Enter Prince [Harry and Peto], ^marching^; and Falstaff meets [them], ^playing^ upon his truncheon like a ^fife^. SD Enter the Prince marching, and Falstaffe meets him, playing on his Trunchion like a Fife. 2092 3.3.87 3.3.85 [Character names are different; musical references are the same] 3.3.69 Enter the Prince marching…
28 1 Henry IV Falstaff 3.3.79 How now, lad, is the wind in that door, i'faith? Must we all | ^march^? Falst. How now Lad? Is the Winde in that Doore? | Must we all march? 3.3.88 3.3.86 3.3.70
29 1 Henry IV Falstaff 3.3.190    O, I could wish this tavern were my ^drum^! Fal. Oh, I could wish this Tauerne were my drumme. 2216 3.3.205 3.3.198 3.3.173
30 1 Henry IV SD 4.3.31 The ^trumpet sounds a parley^ SD The Trumpet sounds a Parley. Enter Sir Walter Blunt. 4.3.29 4.3.29 4.3.29